After-school clubs

As a complement to our pedagogical approach we offer some optional clubs in the afternoon.

Our partners visit Treehouse Montessori once a week to share their talents with our children in the following clubs.

YOGA by María Pantoja (Certified yoga instructor for children)

When: Monday, 1:30-2:30 pm
Fee: 28,000 colones by month

Yoga is a fun way to teach children to relax and connect better with themselves, their feelings and their environment.

Its practice is very beneficial for children of all ages since it is a non-competition exercise that promotes cooperation and respect for others and helps develop the ability to concentrate.

In each class we will work BODY-MIND-SPIRIT, the three bases of yoga:

BODY: ASANAS or postures that are taught with names of animals and parts of nature so that children can identify and memorize them more quickly.

MIND: MINFULNESS through concentration games, silence and basic meditation techniques.

SPIRIT: EMOTIONS through storybooks, art therapy and opening a space for children to share what they feel while they learn to know themselves.

Some goals of the yoga club are:

Learn different breathing techniques

  • Sharpen the senses

  • Channel physical energy

  • Encourage coordination

  • Improve the development of attention, concentration, memory and imagination

  • Know about emotions and how to handle them

  • Improve self-esteem

MUSIC by Verónica Vega  (UNA)

When: Tuesday, 1:30-2:30 pm
Fee: 28,000 colones by month  

This club consists of one-hour sessions in which the children will have a space to interact with different musical elements. In class they will be able to learn through participation and interaction with other about the factors of rhythm, pulse, tempo as well as the exploration of music through our own bodies.

These sessions seek to promote the holistic development of the children based on exercises, songs and dynamics where, through games and sharing, the children might potentialize social abilities, cognitive abilities, coordination and laterality.

On the other hand, there will be exercises belonging to the BAPNE method, which consists in a methodology of body percussion as a pedagogical tool, which seeks to promote the development of multiple intelligences through games and respecting the rhythm of development of each participant.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT by Roxana Madrigal (Dancer, UNA)

When: Thursday, 1:30-2:30 pm
Fee: 28,000 colones by month

Our Creative movement club has been designed to discover the potential of our body in motion.

Music, rhythm and speed help us organize and express our feelings in an atmosphere of joy, play and concentration.

This club is facilitated by Valeria Espinoza, graduated student from the Universidad Nacional in Dance, Sociology and non-formal education.

Her professional experience includes fields of cultural management, community dance, peace culture, sociology of emotions and bodies and dance education.