Pedagogical Approach

At Treehouse Montessori we strongly believe that children are powerful, bright, strong, autonomous, capable, dreamers and this is the core of our pedagogical approach: a deep respect for the rights and the potentialities of every child.

Hand in hand with the Montessori pedagogy and inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach we foster the development of the whole child through a nurturing environment.

We know that the environment plays a great role in the development of the child and into the learning process.  We care for our spaces to be beautiful, organized, inviting, inclusive and provocative as they are central in our everyday life.

Families are a wonderful companion of Treehouse.  They know their children better than us and together we build a great learning community. Families are welcome to visit us and participate in our daily school activities anytime.

Outdoor experiences are very important for all of us. They allow us to get in touch with nature and our inner self.  Going outside is a great opportunity to get in touch with friends and imagine possible ways to play and have fun.

We follow the children: their interests, their stories, their rhythms. Children guide our curriculum and we learn from each other.  We grow together while teachers guide and facilitate situations for living and learning.

At Treehouse Montessori we offer fresh and balanced food to our children every day and we encourage our families to follow this healthy way of living.

Our main goal is to learn and grow together in a safe and joyful environment.